Emotional Intelligence

The ability to effectively read, monitor and manage emotions of yourself and others helps a person maintain healthy relationships, reach goals, manage conflicts, influence peers, relieve stress, interact effectively, and apply them to problem solving. Compassion doesn’t imply high EQ of a person.

Identification of moods and thoughts improves self and social awareness and helps in making wise choices in life while taking key steps around job to be taken, whom to marry or make friends. Being aware of stressors in life, may help you become proactive and avoid them in life.

A research suggests that EQ is more important than IQ for succeeding in life, relationships and workplace.

Learning to speak out in an assertive and respectful manner is a skill and a sign of emotional intelligence. Instead of feeling angry while dealing with a conflict and having emotional outbursts, a person should remain calm during a stressful situation. Being impulsive when making decisions could lead to bigger life issues. Criticism makes a person feel hurt or defensive, understanding how to overcome it constructively, or how it affects performance, is important. This is a quality that displays emotional intelligence to be approachable and empathize with others. It helps an individual to connect people around. Good interpersonal skills open the doors to mutual understanding in a given situation, with people having different opinions. When a person understands human psychology, they naturally get empathy towards others. With a higher EQ, one should be able to take responsibility with his unacceptable actions towards others, despite being frustrating but having a positive effect in key life areas. Others aren't responsible for your emotions and you know their background well. Ability to control other people's feelings, such as calming a raging audience, is a hallmark of strong leadership skills.


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Using clear words to communicate and resolve problems in a way that does not offend them and makes them aware of what needs to be achieved in an ideal scenario is a proof of strong negotiation skills that allows an individual become a successful leader to succeed. Practicing resilience instead of moaning will help you face obstacles and recover from adversity. People in difficult situations either succeed or go in meltdown mode. Not nervousness but positive attitude helps a person cope with adversity effectively.

Many people tend to do what doesn't really excite them by following money or opportunities, and feel stuck in their jobs. People often have a passion that is deep inside related to activity, work, or interest, but fail to find it. If a person makes a living by actually doing what excites them, it brings out the brightest. Getting the passion hidden deep down might not be easy, but appropriate approach, preparation, and therapy will help an individual do it. Knowing strengths and weaknesses helps a person make sound lifelong decisions. Within a community where rules and regulations are to be followed, we often become rigid and inflexible towards critical changes, learning new skills and approaches to coping with a situation is part of developing otherwise our efforts would remain unproductive.

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