Experiencing adverse cognitive, psychological or emotional responsescauses fear which may result in inappropriate behavior, frequent absences, missing assignments, or dropping out from school or college. Working towards root cause of stress helps students acquire the content of course.Our system makes us believe that education is all about accumulating certificates, and degrees which instills fearful feelings in students about exams and tests.

Intense fear of failure makes a person imagine terrible things that could happen if he fails to achieve a goal and thus affects a student's ability to learn. Pay attention to task-oriented learning, instead of comparing yourself with classmates. Feeling unable to manage the consequences may often lead a student to believe like there is no way they can escape disappointment which creates anxiety, often keeping students from achieving their desired academic and career goals. Everyone has different belief system, and beliefs that shift everybody's concept of fear. But when fear impedes us to move forward in life, it leads to an extreme type of worry that forces a person to give up sooner or later in life. A person's ability to leverage his fear largely determines his or her chances of being successful in life.

Fear of humiliation in front of peers is popular in students, it is judged as not so good for the people to try and fail. The climate needs to be improved in schools and colleges so that if an individual fails, laughter, mockery and humiliation don't happen. Avoiding a problem provides short relief, allowing a person to gain long-term benefits when confronting any issue head on. Instead of burying your head like an ostrich in the desert, try working on it to making it better.Use the resources available to strategize how to tackle your issues, and receive guidance from parents, teachers, coaches, or friends.Remember Team is more influential than a person. Often our fear is unlikely to come true and is simply unfounded, we should reassure ourselves that everything is going to be alright and there's no need to think too much about the worst-case scenario.

Rather than thinking about the outcome, we should be, it helps us know what can be managed rather than what can't be, which gives a sense of confidence and improves the chances of success.


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For an open discussion with children about success and how to achieve it, "Iceburg Analogy" can be used which states that success is just like an iceburg tip, we fail to see underlying commitment, determination, strength, rejection, persistence and hardships. Failure can be beneficial indeed, and leads to success. Instead of giving up due to ongoing difficulties in any case, one should learn to move on in life. Often people don't want to escape the humiliation at all costs, because it is a poisonous emotion that buries our self-esteem and ego. Our attitude towards failure determines whether we can overcome the fear connected with it. Many of the world's popular people faced failures but refused to give up.

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