Goal setting skills

Having goals allows a person create a positive vision about life, and pay attention on important things. It increases motivation, improves efficiency and helps him make effective strategies for achieving a goal.

Most of the successful people are setting goals to strengthen relationships, improve themselves, and accomplish something bigger in life. Creating a simple, realistic and demanding goal is part of a successful environment to achieve it, a daily feedback system for measuring and tracking feedback helps enhance results. Often, a target can be linked to other life skills and self-development, rather than limiting it to obvious parts of life. We all have some ideas that excite us but fear of failure prevents us from following them and taking the risk any further. It is worth narrowing down the emphasis to set concrete goals by brainstorming around clues and hinds around the burning passion inside.

Goals encourage a person to pay attention to important things and to have a dream to achieve in life. Strengths, limitations, confidence and willingness to manage obstacles allow an individual to align their attention on critical steps as part of a plan to achieve goal under mature supervision. Having effective goal attainment strategies motivates a person to spend more time and energy on a given activity. Writing down specific facts and essential steps to be implemented as an action plan, and having it somewhere you can see every day, increases the chances of achieving them significantly. If a person has confidence in himself, in his ability and in the process, it makes his thoughts a reality.

Goals suggest objectives an individual will be willing to work for, failure to achieve certain criteria in the absence of skills or resources may de-motivate a person. Realistic chance offers the right conditions to ensure that you hit a target within a given time frame. Instilling deadlines gives you a sense of urgency, which motivates you to keep your morale up.


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When things get difficult, hardship has to be faced by the person or team concerned, keep yourself accountable in that case and receive support and daily encouragement from friends and family following your progress.

In an organization the goal setting is determined by the work culture and leadership. In each organization the approach varies based on the positional authority. Punitive leadership facilitates proactive target setting strategy. Administrative leadership only does enough to tick the boxes to ensure that they are finished. Leadership combined with performance improvement strategies converge based on individual team member preferences. The journey of achieving a goal helps a person build his character, unraveling what really matters to him and developing him as a type of person capable of achieving a goal. A person faces several challenges throughout the project, for achieving desired outcomes, reflecting on the present condition and refocusing decisions is a useful process. Better results are achieved when goal is specific as well as challenging. Instead of little distraction, focus remains on the destination while trying to achieve such goal, it also boosts confidence of person and gives incomparable sense of achievement.

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