Intellectual disability

Intellectual impairment refers to under-average intellectual capacity and lack of adaptability to perform everyday activities such as ability to communicate with others, to understand, to think, to make decisions or to solve problems. It needs encouragement and good teaching for children with IDs to develop independence skills and conduct everyday tasks.

It strengthens their confidence, commitment, and self-worth when children with learning disabilities get support, motivation, and love. It is the responsibility of parents and family to provide children with the required emotional and social tools and to help them overcome their daily challenges which enables them to become stronger and more resilient. Instead of becoming a vocal advocate, there is a need for superior negotiation and communication skills to deal with social constraints your child faces, such as their right to education, and to mingle with other similar age group children.

Some of the children with learning disabilities can perform well in academics but others may need support because the degree of intellectual capacity varies from case to case. Schools need to provide specific resources for classroom students, such as adequate housing, and other supports and services like teachers, supplies, or guidance to ensure they do well in general academic curriculum. Throughout school years, children have the ability to build relationships with peers and social skills, and teachers and therapists can ensure that students make appropriate progress and develop healthy relationships with adults throughout school years.

Because of increased demands for treatment, parents may often feel overwhelmed at the risk of psychological distress, lack of social support, feeling lonely may make things worse. Informal support from friends and family plays a key role in caregiver wellbeing. Professional support helps foster positive emotions about a child's family as well as making them understand their qualities that help maintain parents' constructive views of the situation and life experience. It increases faith, trust, personal strengths and helps parents become less selfish by shifting their life priorities.

Warning signs

  • Trouble with talking
  • Difficulty to think logically, solve problems or learn new skills
  • Slow to master routine tasks
  • Behavior issues such as aggression
  • Trouble meeting educational demands or understanding social rules
  • Lack of curiosity to learn skills and understand the world around


  • Severe head injury
  • Brain infections or tumors
  • Premature birth
  • Maternal undernutrition
  • Inherited abnormalities
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol during pregnancy


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1 Session

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28 Days

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4 Sessions

Total: 180 Mins


56 Days

8 Chat/ Audio

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8 Video

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8 Sessions

Total: 360 Mins

Watching children enjoy the activities and which ones annoy them helps to plan their schedule by being friendly and engaging in rituals to ensure they appreciate your presence around them. With the support of experts, setting weekly and practical goals helps to develop everyday life skills. Children should not be pushed hard to cope with their academic tasks, as this may diminish their motivation and make them feel frustrated and even guilty of not being able to make progress as expected. When dealing with children with learning disabilities one has to be extremely patient.

Psychologists must play a long-term role of promoting and offering knowledge and guidance to children and families with intellectual disabilities for whom their relationship must be focused on mutual respect and understanding.

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