Low self-esteem & confidence

Opinion we have about ourselves based on beliefs and past experiences is referred as self-esteem. It makes us feel worthy of respect, confident, and valuable. Low self-esteem or self-doubt can affect our productivity at school adversely. It can make a person resilient to face challenges in life, impact social life of a person and make him believe unworthy of love. When a person worries too much about opinion of others, fear of judgement fills them with sadness and guilt.

When a person chooses to live in the present moment, he is least concerned about the future. Only be your true self, pretending to be someone else to impress others may make you feel vulnerable, and can destroy your self-esteem if you fear being found out. Most of us prefer to stay in a comfort zone, rather than pursue our dreams because of fear of failure and criticism. We make plenty of mistakes in every route we take. Let yourself make mistakes, it will only change you for the better and give you a chance to learn and develop in life. Parents should foster the self-worth feeling by helping them express their desires and needing and learning to think about themselves.

Instead of regretting or apologizing, it is easier to admit your mistake after letting someone down, and concentrate on fixing the same. In this universe, we all have a role to play, while paying attention to sorrow, worries or melodrama, don't lose your focus from the bigger picture. Show appreciation when someone supports you and gladly offer whenever you can, it will offer your self-esteem a new meaning. Place the heart and soul in it when you plan to do it. Too much concern about whether it's going to turn out right, if others don't like it will help and just affect your results.

Causes –

  • Fear of unknown
  • Guilty feelings
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Peer pressure
  • Low social status as compare to others around


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Reading your favorite book, spending quality time with your loved ones, getting your favorite beverage, not only establishes a good relationship with yourself but also helps you know you can give and receive love. This will help you become more imaginative, have unique ideas and imaginations to make you aware of yourself. Take care of yourself for loving yourself, and make important attempts to make improvements. Prefer not conforming to society's standards, but expressing yourself in the way you feel.

Appreciate your previous successes, it will help you feel that if you've done so in the past, it can be achieved again with persistence and perseverance. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and somebody else's comparisons will never help. Too much thought without justification will undermine your self-confidence, nobody has enough time to worry about others, so there is no point in evaluating past mistakes so circumstances. Sometimes take a break to pay attention to yourself from your own perspective, instead of wondering how people want you to be seen, it will make you realize your inner potential and choose an appropriate life or career journey.

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