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Phobic Disorder

A frightening first encounter with a circumstance or object may cause phobia, and is often characterized by unreasonable or intense anxiety, especially when faced with a specific thing which frightens like clowns, insects, loud noises, or blood. Loud noises, separation from loved ones, fear of natural events, behavioral competence, social evaluation, rejection by peers, physical well-being could be some of the common phobias in children.

A false alarm is triggered in mind as a reaction to a feared object with is much greater than the proportion of the actual threat, and later on the propensity of the individual to escape that particular object prevents them from understanding that the real risk is not so much. Even if it is understood intellectually by children, they fail to learn it at the emotional level because of which pattern is replicated over and over again which causes an irrational response of anxiety. It is important to address the situation in order to learn how to resolve this fear, instead of running away.

Experiencing intense preoccupation can make a person feel helpless. Parents might be tempted to keep their kids away from situations that make them feel frightened which further increases children's sensitivity. It's essential that they help them learn how to deal with scary situations after validating their children's calmness and confidence. The parents' aim is to ensure their children are well prepared to meet difficult circumstances and to learn how to handle their unavoidable distress in life.

Phobia Disorder has behind it genetic and environmental factors, and generally runs in families. For children, parents can involuntarily contribute to anxiety when they are visibly stressed. Transitions such as moving from middle to upper school, divorce, family trauma may be other factors contributing to any childhood phobia or anxiety

Warning signs

  • Numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Upset stomach
  • Increased heart beat
  • Breathlessness
  • Fear of dying or losing control
  • Chest discomfort


  • Traumatic life incidents
  • Shyness or unfamiliarity with particular situation
  • Inherited genetic predisposition to fear from parents
  • Inappropriate level of important neurotransmitters


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In growing children, social phobia is very common; they feel anxious when exposed to social situations, as they feel judged and evaluated by others. It may be nervousness or sometimes shyness, but sometimes fear becomes unreasonable and excessive, including far from humiliating, embarrassing. In a given circumstance fear of failure and perfectionism leads heavily to anxiety. It helps to concentrate on the process instead of on target.

Being playful with children keeps them relaxed, safe, and allows them to open up to face anxious situations which further reinforces them. Acceptance and curiosity towards child's feelings sometimes brushes off their anxiety and helps them express fear and concern. While you know some stressful situation is coming up, it helps to prepare your kids to face that situation. Preparation need not be talking, it could be role-playing, reading or something that makes them feel relaxed. Parents should help their kids consider adverse consequences and find potential strategies or methods to deal with the same. In which a child encounters a horrible situation in the presence of parents that strengthens the feeling of security within them.

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