Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a life-long process of seeking truth and sense of purpose, fulfilling personal values that enables a person to cope with adverse situations in life. It can be related to religious belief. It takes philosophic and cognitive areas of thought in account which can be linked with happiness and inner consciousness and influences behavior and emotions of a person.

Moral wellbeing describes spiritual health, much as physical well-being describes body health and is nurtured by leading a meaningful life based on personal beliefs and religious belief. Many of the families or individuals are profoundly committed to religious reflection, prayer and some other aspects that include moral and ethical guidance to allow them to cope with adverse life situations. Life is hard and frustrating, we need social and emotional support at a time when life stresses weigh heavily upon us. Guidelines listed in spiritual and holy books distract us from life's problems and allow us to pursue the truth that makes us feel at ease.

A person should stop dwelling behind him in the past, and aim for what lies ahead. Failures, sins, setbacks, and past mistakes resist us to move forward in life, to live a life that glorifies God that helps us to overcome such underlying burdens. One should be able to forgive those who harm or insult him from ill psychological health for a faster recovery. As we educate others and see them realizing the facts, it gives our lives a fresh impact and encourages us to grow further. Understanding how to rely on God and making sacrifices without thinking about the consequences is part of the spiritual development cycle. Giving up on the quest for justice because of vengeance or resentment towards those who wrong us and forgiving them towards their sins even though they don't deserve it allows us to grow in God's grace. A person's development is measured by the presence in our lives of important aspects like happiness, compassion, patience, kindness, self-control and faithfulness. We should be able to see evidences of these qualities impartially in our lives, otherwise we are not growing as much as we feel. Many who enjoy forming friendships and being social find it easier to surround themselves with believers and learn from them, but it is a little difficult for the introverts, which can impede their spiritual development.


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Consistent with the essential habits of spiritual growth, the inner person is transformed in terms of. Habits such as meditation, and relaxation improve mental wellbeing and set the path to desired success. Surrounding yourself with such encouraging development leads to clear and continuous success in life. The further that we help others grow, the more that we grow ourselves.

A individual may fail to develop spiritually if he is influenced by what is marketed in the media, imitates people who deny God's presence and do not rely on spiritual guidance and the temptations that materialistic world offers. Act with compassion and honesty, and stay close to positive people. Broaden your view of spirituality and speak with others about your feelings.

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