Transition issues

While changes encourage us to learn new skills, gain exposure to boost confidence and influence personal growth but transitions makes us nervous or anxious sometimes especially in growth years. With effective counseling anxiousness can be transformed into an opportunity to explore new roles to find your identity in process and form life-long relationships.

People need to know that everybody is in the same boat and they're going to get happy at new school or college soon. Fear of being left out and feeling alone may push for a sense of belonging to a social community, but the fear is minimized by a perspective that takes time to establish real ties. New freedom could be used as an opportunity to explore yourself and feel natural while you present yourself before others. Old traumatic memories may be replaced by new situations, excitations when coping with the transition, preparing yourself for life obligations. Your own beliefs and values require time to decide. Some days at college, it's natural to feel frustrated, anxious or even depressed.

We can't avoid the transition because it's the only constant in life, but we can learn how to manage it because it's an important skill in life. College is a big change because we learn to take care of ourselves on our own. The only way to handle a transition is to fight it. To welcome the transition feels as though you have adequate power. Meditation, listening to music, or dancing can help to ease the stress. Talking to someone has already been through similar change makes it easier and manageable. While dealing with change one should have a positive attitude, negative thinking makes the change a burden. Schools and colleges should have important counseling services, and they should provide a clear plan to encourage students to join or exit the premises to cope with change. It may be helpful to know the duration of the transition to help them settle in properly.Some of the students will need help to make new friends and become a part of the group, they may organize events to introduce new students to each other. If students are immediately conscious of what needs to be done, they may remain confused for a long time, and will miss several moments before then. It may also impact students '


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ability to learn and grow. Students' experiences during their school or college time period influence their character and personality in either positive or negative ways. Our relationships to people around us affect how we cope with normal stressors in life, students with greater self-confidence are able to better control the stress they encounter, and seek critical help during the initial years of change where social foundations and academic skills are laid. Coming from an under-represented ethnic group makes it difficult to quickly make new friends and provokes an individual to choose paths that make him insecure when trying to compromise in new environment with the demands that arise. Failure to meet academic standards and social expectations my lead to future school or college withdrawals.

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