Work family conflicts

When situation at work interferes with family life, an unhealthy imbalance happens forcing person to prioritize demands. It often happens when amount of time devoted to one role makes it difficult to fulfill requirement of another role.

A person feels overwhelmed in many directions when trying to fit in the responsibilities of both personal and work. Getting more control over schedule at work means that a person is spending more time with his family. Getting little control over the schedule of work forces an individual to choose between work and family events that affect the wellbeing, efficiency, focus and person's attendance. Sharing problems with colleagues and superiors and finding a way to mitigate tensions between work and family such as working from home or sharing shifts with someone else whenever necessary enhances job health, and improves people's morale.

Work-family conflicts are impacting most people across the globe because of the proliferation of technology and increasing speed of everyday life. Consistent predictors of work-family disputes are psychological job demand, job tension, job pressure or excessive overtime. Employees can look for professional advice when exploring ways to resolve conflicts.

Reasons for conflict-

  • Role overload
  • Work time commitment
  • Job flexibility
  • Financial instability
  • Number of children
  • Child care arrangements
  • Perfectionism
  • Life role values
  • Locus of control


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Every person has his or her own personal values and goals in life, though giving priority to work over family or vice versa, people have to deal with conflicts that occur. There is a significant disparity between male and female mental and analytical skill. Females with conventional thought method feel insecure when juggling home and job duties. Long working hours, particularly in women, are a source of tremendous stress in the workplace as they could hardly manage that demands from work and family, and children suffer most as a result. Society expects women to be sensitive to family, married women who have children to care for go through extensive stress due to WFC, particularly when they don't get adequate family support. Societal support is essential to ensure that shared parenting can be a good solution for assuring WFC when both partners are working. As husband extends his support to working wife to reduce household burden, it builds a cohesive family and is of greater benefit to society.

In an unpleasant and dangerous situation, the body is in 'flight or battle' mode, and triggers an obvious response, when coping with a stressful confrontation, the same response is triggered. When you have a disagreement with others, it is important that you take a deep breath and stay calm rather than shouting or overreacting. Despite having plenty of shared goals while dealing with big conflicts, focus should remain centered on larger goals of the entire family. No stone should be left unturned before deciding on a reasonable compromise that everybody will live up to, for which it’s worth seeking professional help. It appears to be normal to deal with every day dynamics between work and home since every mature person has to deal with it but at times it gets too messed up to deal with.

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