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Mental well-being is stereotyped as it is usually for those with major behavioral issues or mental illness. In reality, people want help when dealing with behavioral and emotional issues beyond the concept of "not depressed" to become the most effective version of themselves requiring perseverance, knowledge, and self-control. Engaging in introspection to understand the distress-provoking issue is an important first step before pursuing appropriate professional assistance.

It's worth taking a couple of weeks to realize if you're heading down a wrong career path, your relationship is worth the effort or your aggression leads to some serious illness. Buried sources of suffering and harsh emotions can be easily identified through self-awareness and exploration to allow you to lead a happy life and embrace the truth by navigating your life with confidence. Therapy reorients a person towards his or her true needs and desires. It's not easy to follow desired objectives when struggling with darker, and bigger obstacles. Many people find it helpful when they feel like there is someone to speak to, genuinely listen to and pay attention to their feelings without judgement in order to give them wise advice in coping with that specific life-case situation.

Psychotherapy is an honest, confidential and insightful space to empower you to explore uncomfortable feelings and deeper concerns, to allow yourself to become vulnerable while identifying the root cause, and to learn how to overcome those feelings.

Our Mission


To provide every client with the most genuine, exceptional psychotherapy and counselling services at an affordable rate.


  • Team work
  • Respect
  • Innovative approach
  • Rationalized decisions
  • Consistent improvement


Use of innovative technology to profile quality psychotherapy providers with clients in need, and manage excellent relationships with each client.


  • Client-focus
  • Market awareness
  • Granular services
  • Quality Services
  • Thought Leadership

Therapies ranging from counselling to cognitive behavioral therapy enhance life quality. A person gets a new perspective and way of thinking about a real-life problem by verbalizing his thoughts and emotions to someone else and hearing his point of view about the same. Many times people find that there is no real cause for their concerns, worries, and anxieties which can be a tremendous relief. Our attention is pulled in several directions while being occupied with our daily chaos, and we rarely find time to navigate feelings of guilt, grief, sadness or remorse. Seeking for professional help in addressing these problems makes it impossible to run away from our thoughts because we have a time slot booked for that. Sharing it with a complete stranger who won't judge you gives you the freedom to talk about it normally and share the burden of your emotions so you can focus on a happy and guilt-free life. Therapy can draw interest from people of all age groups.

"Most people wait until their symptoms become severe to see a doctor, and the problems become deeply rooted. Whenever you feel like 'not yourself,' please seek professional help. "


Niharika Tyagi

she is a postgraduate in data analytics from De Montfort University, UK and has worked at IBM India and KPMG London as a Consultant.

Yukticare is an affiliate of Yukti Consultancy Services.

Why choose online therapy (and counselling)?

Sometimes being mobile is difficult due to personal circumstances, online counseling can help you save time and get the much needed support. Social contact can trigger anxiety and stress while meeting a counselor in person, people feel less inhabited when using the webcam while talking to someone, especially for having an honest conversation. People also need anonymity and don't want anyone around to know they are seeking assistance. You might need to explain why you're leaving home or office at a given time to run into someone's office. If you travel regularly for study, work, or business, throughout therapy, you will continue to improve your well-being, no matter where you are.

Online therapy is convenient, accessible and more affordable for the client and the therapist as compared to traditional models of therapy.

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