Employees who feel appreciated and content provide their work with better performance. Employees need a safe and secure place to communicate about difficult things or the problems impacting their work performance and to find ways to address them. This helps workers to find a way forward by being empathetic, open and non-judgmental. Counselors are qualified to listen closely and are mindful of the atmosphere and context in which the employees are working, and can return to provide a solution. Managers may refer employees to counsellors for a specific work related or personal issue.

Unresolved personal issues, work pressures, and financial worries impacts the way we perceive the world around us. Overwhelming feelings and thoughts can make a person feel lonely and fearful, teaching invaluable skills can help him cope up with difficult situations and manage life effectively. None of us is aware of what’s around the corner. Enduring and adapting to life changing events and circumstances by learning essential skills to build resilience and exploring possible options is something a counselor can help you with. Often a person is trapped in negative patterns, tend to repeat same mistake several times and fail to realize why he is acting in a certain way. Adjusting perception improves our relationship with people around.

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Services To Address Following Psychological Issues


of the employees have experienced signs of poor emotional, psychological or behavioral health in their lives.


of the employees did not reach anyone to discuss their poor mental health.


of employees with poor mental health witnessed disciplinary action leading to dismissal.

Educational Institutions

Young minds need time, attention, and guidance for making a name for themselves and stand in society. Changing priorities and influence of political and socio-economic factors highlights the need of psychologists in education system. Counselors help students for relating their educational agendas to their success in future by preparing them for academics, social challenges and career. Teachers might need support to plan group activities to effectively address student’s needs and their academic goals. While immersing in a quickly evolving multi-media world, the way children think, play, learn, and maintain relationship with others have changed. Some of the emotional and social issues might become obstacles in relationships and learning. Parents are often concerned about their children for the issues including their difficulties while sustaining relationships, poor academic performance or due to complicated family situation and dynamics. Through assessments critical areas for interpersonal and academic improvement can be identified which is also useful for determining risk factors and monitoring progress of students.

Schools and colleges are allocating more money for counselling programs to identify new ways to treat, and monitor students effectively. The aim of guidance and counseling is to build trust and gradually mould children for a brighter future. It fine-tunes the relationship between teachers and students to ensure that children recognize their interests, explore their dreams, and remain in check while developing essential social, personal, and career oriented skills and become prepared to deal with hardships in life.

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Services to address following Psychological issues


rise in student demands for mental health services


of students reported feeling stress and anxiety


students didn't seek support because they were embarrassed and didn't know where to find it


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240 Sessions

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