Schizophrenia is a serious psychiatric illness that develops in early adulthood or late adolescence and contributes to disordered actions and thought that affects emotions, speech and other aspects of life. Person abnormally interprets reality, and sometimes experiences delusions and hallucinations.

In this disorder experiences of person doesn’t match with reality experienced by others. For improving long-term outlook and controlling symptoms before serious complications, early treatment is essential. Patient struggles to deal with different emotions, including guilt, fear, frustration, and fear due to which people around him feel embarrassed, and puzzled due to their strange behavior and feel tempted to hide illness of their loved ones. A person is more likely to experience it if there is family history or a parent has already experienced it.

A chaotic household and other triggers of stress might intensify hallucinations, delusions, and similar symptoms. Like everyone else they should be treated respectfully and provided a peaceful, and calm environment. Late adolescence is the time when there are hormonal changes in body and youngsters crave for freedom and independence, it is the same time when schizophrenia usually sets. Sleep cycle of person is significantly reversed which encourages social isolation, and disrupts routine.

Poor interpersonal skills may contribute to social withdrawal. They should be gently encouraged to take part in small and intimate social gatherings. Taking part in all-day affair may set the stage for another episode by making them feel stressed and frustrated. An outing to a quiet and peaceful place is suggested once a week.

People may remain clueless about the feelings of schizophrenic person which makes it difficult to maintain friendship or even healthy relationship with them. Despite of being concerned about their loved ones, understanding how to offer support to them could be a challenge for friends and family around especially when they are unemployed or homeless.


  • Bizarre emotional and facial expressions
  • Hallucinations, delusions
  • Confused thoughts and disorganized speech
  • Hopelessness
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Low motivation and energy
  • Social withdrawal
  • Impulsive nature

Risk Factors & Causes

  • Birth and pregnancy complications
  • Family history of schizophrenia
  • Imbalance in brain chemicals
  • Combination of environmental, genetic and biological factors


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56 Days

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8 Sessions

Total: 360 Mins

A range of services and assistance is required to enable a person lead normal and independent life. Use of medication, weekly therapy session, seeking positive support, and self-care are essential to deal with this lifelong disease.

Friends and family should recognize the early symptoms of disorder and encourage the person by utilizing motivational techniques. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses, they should be reminded to utilize their good personality traits to play their role as a member of family and society.

A schedule should be planned to indulge in fun activities, it could be visiting friends, reading books, or spending time with nature. For relaxation a sound sleep, yoga, deep breathing, or medication may help person. Omega-3 fatty acids helps in improving energy, outlook, and focus of person hence its intake should be boosted as part of everyday diet. Interaction with people around is also an effective way to reduce stress, a person whom they can seek in trouble for uninterrupted period of time without judging them relieves anxiety.

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