Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

A psychiatric disorder triggered by traumatic or appalling events such as assault, sexual abuse, severe accident, act of terror, natural disaster or threat. Uncontrollable thoughts about event, nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks are common signs of that disorder, people usually get better with good self-care and time.

It can affect individuals of any gender, culture, or age, and is common in those who suffer extreme psychological pain such as refugees or soldiers. There is no proven trauma-related healing process, but human pain intensity is reduced over time. As brain continues to scan for new knowledge and threats for survival gear because of which old events and memories must inevitably route to the back line to concentrate its attention on something important and new potential. When a person continues to run away from a certain experience instead of facing it keeps in mind the emotional pain preserved and inevitably brings long lasting suffering. Opening up to thoughts and emotions helps to reduce the suffering and to learn important lessons to shield up in the future from similar emotional distress.

After witnessing traumatic events, it is temporarily difficult to cope and adjust in the beginning but usually things start to get better with good self-care and time. Due to serious emotional distress in the individual, social connections, ability to work and other main areas are significantly impacted.

Professional intervention is essential since PTSD can cause psychological repercussions, severe fear, helplessness, and memory loss in the short term .For communicating and offering appropriate assistance to your loved ones suffering from illness, it's worth learning more about the condition. It's easier to help them to heal and treat when they know that their expressed thoughts have been heard. Show appreciation and support for peaceful activity such as joining them, organize family events together, join them for a walk and be calm when interacting with your loved one. Being disruptive, or disrespectful may cause behavioral problems in them.


  • Nightmares, dreams and memories about terrifying event
  • Avoiding activities and places reminding traumatic event
  • Fear, Shock
  • Nervousness
  • Anger

Risk Factors & Causes

  • Family history of anxiety disorder
  • Imbalance in brain hormones and chemicals
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Substance misuse
  • Lack of emotional support


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They also feel guilty when a person develops this condition, and seek revenge to erase trauma-related memory. An activity they enjoy helps cope with the disorder and lowers the level of stress. Knowing more about the symptoms helps parents and family members deal effectively with PTSD. Talk therapy assists in teaching people effective coping mechanisms and learning to recognize and control their fears, ensuring reminders of traumatic experiences do not evoke feelings of remorse and self-blame, and building hope for a bright future to create.

Inherent capabilities, character, and determination have no role to play in developing PTSD, they are beyond people's control, and anyone can suffer from this disorder. Avoiding getting on with life and expressing feelings with others that could allow for a successful recovery is normal in people with disabilities. Professional support and counseling to assist with frequent and thorough trauma visualization in a structured and healthy atmosphere helps to find ways to deal with PTSD and maintain control over anxiety.

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