Relationship problems

Persistent disappointments or judgments and repeated instances of verbal abuse such as blaming, disrespecting or manipulating your relationship with your family, friends or intimate partner can often affect you. A therapy is recommended to ensure that relationships do not disintegrate due to misunderstandings, lack of communication, unaddressed differences or emotional problems.

In a relationship with family, friends, colleagues, or partner, we make every effort to seek attention and acceptance and change our attitude towards them on the basis of the timely feedback received, but at some point we realize that the relationship is steady and all our efforts are in vain. Then we begin to behave the way we like rather than worrying about their perception, after which all their feedback is perceived as critique and complaint.

When talking, paying attention to each other and making each other happy helps to recognize the exact problem in order to understand what goes wrong in relationship. Speaking different languages can also cause issues and destroy a relationship. In case of disagreement, a separate strategy can be taken to present ideas before one another, such as writing down items. Past relationship baggage can lead to lack of trust in a relationship, working together to move forward from the past, and making the necessary efforts to start trusting each other again. And things slowly start to get better.

Underlying issues

  • Withholding affection, communication
  • Veiled anger
  • Unwillingness to compromise
  • Frequent arguments
  • Being disrespectful or secretive
  • Dishonesty, Unreliability
  • Need of constant validation, attention
  • Selfishness
  • Substance abuse


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56 Days

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8 Sessions

Total: 360 Mins

Evaluating the reason you are together reinforces the relationship foundation and allows you to open up for constructive criticism. Avoid intense conversations in the emotional heat or during difficult times. The anticipation of doing something remarkable releases vital chemicals such as dopamine in the brain, so taking a holiday of planning a trip not only strengthens the connection but also rekindles good memories of related reignited love. External influence can often infiltrate private relationships and lead to toxicity, so intervention from others should be avoided after confessing to the partner related concerns. Negative feelings can be prevented by detaching resentment, frustration and hostility in a relationship due to hurtful memories. Comfortable relationship boundaries help in avoiding setbacks, arguments and explosions.

We often hold our feelings because we are concerned about hurting each other, as we realize that even if we open up and express ourselves, things will not proceed in the desired way. Instead of worrying too much about the outcome one should share their emotions as there are things that we both don't like about each other and missing certain attributes in every human being is part of life and perfectionism is just a myth. Comparison with another couple in social life who seems satisfied and wondering why you have so many issues with your partner won't help. Since there are challenges in every relationship, you don't know what's going on behind the doors in their lives, they're probably dealing with emotional and physical abuse which they're hiding from others. It is essential to validate and acknowledge a partner's feelings in a relationship without being defensive, or judgmental.

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