Body Image

A perception about body due to combination of attitude, feelings, thoughts, expectations that leads to low self-esteem and persistent anxiety. A predefined belief of society about being attractive is a major cause of self-hatred and poor body image.

Due to the extreme debates focused on media-influenced lifestyle and fashion, we are surrounded by body standards and it is natural to compare ourselves to the online images. In order to prevent its negative effect on our well-being, it is important to test the reasons and most of the time it is about self-improvement, self-evaluation and self-enhancement. Evaluation of our status as compared to people around us to estimate whether it is falling or rising and determine our place in tribal hierarchy, imitating an influential celebrity and further resolving issues that do not allow us to behave as someone perceived to be more successful, and feeling excited after perceiving that we have outperformed someone affects our self-esteem.

People need to realize that perception of an ideal body shape is merely a myth and a hype created by the marketing world to boost sales of relevant products and services. Don't let anyone comment harshly on your body shape, even if you have things to work on. Everyone deserves respect and the myth of perfection is one that we must all accept. We all have a lot to like about ourselves and feel good about, find those attributes that could be eyes, hands, shoulders, legs, or hair and feel good about yourself.

Signs of body image distress

  • Constant dissatisfaction and anxiety about body
  • Spending significant amount of money to change appearance
  • Comparing yourself with others
  • Spending long time doing makeup, hair or changing clothes
  • Social withdrawal due to self-consciousness
  • History of body shaming
  • Sudden changes in appearance
  • Physical or mental health problems


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A person's mental health and self-esteem are directly influenced by his / her body-related perceptions. When you don't like your body or show it the respect it really deserves it can impact directly on your actions, thoughts and feelings. By communicating honestly and being truthful while providing critical input based on certain aspects, friends can help a person feeling inferior due to negative body image. Remind them of positive personality traits that go beyond their outward appearance, such as sense of humor, brevity, or smartness. If you anticipate a person may have concerns about his body image, avoid making similar or negative comments about his physical appearance. Social media plays a critical role in negatively affecting self-esteem, body image, or self-worth.

It might be worth having a go to person to share your negative emotions and seek help to manage issues related to body image. Switching thoughts and thinking positive about your personality, or your body helps a lot. Eating healthy and exercising regularly improve your self-esteem. The use of social media should be resisted because it not only influences you to behave unhealthily but also affects your self-esteem in several ways. Write also about yourself, and things you like about yourself. Wear what you want and make you feel relaxed and confident in yourself, instead of getting worried about the latest fashion trends.

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