Persistent sadness or hopelessness

Hopelessness is a powerful emotion contributing to lack of passion, inspiration, optimism or low mood and affects an individual adversely, reflected in negative mindset about personal circumstances and future. It can be associated with poor emotional, physical and mental health.

It raises the risk of suicide because women are refusing to take part in social activities. Generally speaking, females are withdrawn, and tend to cut themselves because of the feeling that they are not deserving of love, treatment, or affection, and attempts to pursue the same can only lead to rejection and pain. A positive picture of an individual in a peer group inspires a person to develop and seek milestones that are important for the journey, and lack of that special one makes a person cynical about life goals. When we feel confident enough we can all write our life story, but feeling incapable in life of achieving desired goals makes us feel helpless. Hopelessness is often compounded by the injustice and violent actions of a close family member. When others make you feel dumb and realize that you will never succeed in life, it can lead to hopelessness due to lack of confidence.

A support group is a good thing for coping with negative emotions. Therapy can be a significant starting choice. Happy past memories are important if life is to feel okay and optimistic when looking back. It is important for emotional well-being and to recognize and assess activities capable of boosting and fostering positive feelings in live. Long-term expectations for the future may be daunting, emphasis should be kept on the present along with realistic short-term targets to brighten up the future. A constant log of success helps reach results and stay positive about the future.

It is not preferable to over-generalize and analyze situation while dealing with difficult situations in life. Talking down and visualizing both positive and negative aspects of a scenario helps tackle head-on obstacles. Using analytical skills to blend emotional feelings with logic makes the picture clear for every life-case scenario. Every small victory should be appreciated, as confidence is boosted. People's emotions and perceptions shift rapidly, and should not be generalized. Finding an unbiased opinion of a wise friend or family member allows from a particular viewpoint to evaluate the situation.

Signs –

  • Social withdrawal
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Negative mindset


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Experiencing unpleasant experiences in life time and again makes us feel that things will never get better. Practicing self-care by taking a bubble bath, doing face mask, meditating every day, when the mind is spiraling with depression helps to appreciate life, and expressing appreciation for its positive aspects. It could be because of biological factors that recurrent feelings of hopelessness may be necessary for therapeutic intervention.

Life challenges weaken self-esteem, particularly when our mind isn't as powerful as ever. Doubting your hopelessness is essential, and challenge your thoughts. Believe that things are positive already, it's not easy, but it does make a difference. If anyone around you ever makes you feel weak, cut them off from our lives. Make sure no one gives you derogatory marks and defame you in groups of peers or in social occasions.

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