Job insecurity

Worries related to undesired possibility of losing a job or its important aspect such as social life, health insurance or salary in present or in the future can be directly related to mental health impairment and leads to social insecurity and performance issues at work. It contributes towards health, character and life style of a person.

Social connections, employment, and incentives for personal growth are tied to work incentives. A person's life is chaotic because of anxiety associated with work loss, which makes people feel insecure. Positive aspects of insecurity are that it challenges a person to learn new technical and soft skills which further improve growth and promotional opportunities. Join professional networks including LinkedIn to remain connected to businesses and HR departments and learn more about jobs opportunities. Have a backup if you feel awkward at your present place of work. Reminding yourself of the moments that made you proud empowers a person to cope with insecurity. Maintain a strong reputation for being enthusiastic about work, so that people start appreciating your presence.

Risk factors –

  • Low educational status
  • Working in manufacturing sector
  • Private practice
  • Blue collar job
  • Being self employed
  • Dependent family or children

Impact on Individual –

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family conflicts
  • Anger
  • Mental concentration issues
  • Physical illness


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Have some personal goals in life, and work on those projects in your spare time. Have some savings to stay strong economically. So much anxiety about the future distracts you from what you are currently focused on, and makes you feel nervous. Also the worst jobs teach you lessons if you're willing to learn, add to your bag of tricks any experience that empowers you as a human. Losing a job you're putting all your efforts into might make you realize as if the world has ended up for you. It's not your fault, and shouldn't affect your self-worth, even CEOs who produce huge revenue get replaced. People in a developed world can barely expect a secure career particularly during the recession and depression era. 'Job for life' concept does not exist in a world of 'hire-and-fire' in which we work.

Changes in lifestyle lead to the greatest proportion of suffering between employers, pamper yourself whenever possible but don't over-spend. There should be a balance to stick to in life, so that no situation turns your life upside down. Small measures can inspire you to address insecurity.Many of us don't think about the mental side of unemployment because a person's psychological distress is the same as a family member's death. Difficulty associated with an insecure career may be eased with partner's emotional support. Economic protection offered by your partner guarantees that the bills are paid on time and food is always on the table. Job insecurity can have depressingly long consequences, ranging from problems during sleep to clinical depression, leading to poorer work performance. An evaluation of strengths and weaknesses will help you identify your condition and work on it to strengthen more, and resolve your insecurities, a psychologist can help you with that.

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