Workplace conflicts

A conflict may arise when there are competing roles, goals, office layout. It occurs when decisions, ideas or actions of a person are not aligned with viewpoint of another person or organization.

When a person is more reliable than another, he gets an opportunity to quickly learn the trade tricks and the other person gets grilled too hard while teaching about the daily tasks that make him feel humiliated. People in an organization come from different cultures and backgrounds and have a peculiar process of thinking that affects how they perform tasks at work and there are chances that their working style and personalities will vary from others, and in this case conflict should be dealt with in an intelligent and tactful manner. When major changes are made in higher management, the leadership style changes which makes employees feel confused and rattled.

Though competing goals are unavoidable as conflicts are bound to occur, anxiety may be tightening up in these situations. Ignoring a dispute in the expectation that it will go away is not an option and it is important to resolve it entirely. Leaders have recognized conflicts as conducive to organization, challenging traditional processes and perspectives, sparking a sense of competition for improvement, and helping employees explore innovative ideas and opportunities.

Establishing positive relationships with colleagues allows them to predict future obstacles. Through initiating conversations to address a brewing problem, being proactive will help you manage disputes. Holding a brainstorming meeting can help in finding possible solutions if a conflict affects a lot many employees. Office politics is inevitable but shouldn't exceed a certain level as it can be a source of misunderstanding, one should avoid the urge to join in juicy gossips.

Reasons for conflict –

  • Poor leadership
  • Bullying
  • Miscommunication
  • Inappropriate decision-making
  • Impossible deadlines
  • Competing roles


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A good mindset decreases the risk of engaging in major conflicts, and helps overcome difficulties, tension, and anxiety. Personal lashes at the workplace are difficult to resolve, people should avoid becoming involved in people's disagreements, it is not only harmful, but in the worst case it can lead to dismissal. Simply say that everyone is alike to you, when people are provoking you to align against others. Treat people as you like, be polite and careful as you inquire, give instructions or convey your messages.

A clearly specified job description and guidelines that state inappropriate conduct involving emotional coercion or gossiping should be accessible to workplace employees. A good workplace induction should be given before workers start on a job position. Managers should strengthen their relationship with workers to the degree that they know you are empathetic to their needs and are willing to talk, learn more about their personal roles, and give them important support issues. The root cause of the dispute should be established by separating issue and individual and listening to both sides of the argument when resolving a workplace conflict. Management discrepancies should be acknowledged by establishing a positive environment, and valued. Efforts should be focused on placing efficiency at risk, rather than micromanaging small problems.

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