Harassment & Discrimination

Discrimination: An unequal treatment of a person based on age, race, religion, gender or mental illness such as refusing to promote a woman simply because she is female. Once workers hit a certain age, they are no longer in a position to receive the same benefits as other workers who are not in order. Asking different questions during job interview may have a negative effect on the person depending on the complexion and physical appearance. It is illegal and should be raised to penalize women for taking time off after they have baby. Employees with disabilities should be able to enter the workplace, and they can request fair safeguards to feel unsafe at work.

Harassment: A pattern of physical, verbal, sexual, or other conduct that results in charges of discrimination. Showing pornographic photographs or videos without permission, demanding to participate in sexual acts to employ or encourage them, inappropriately touching them are unwelcoming sexual behaviors. Individuals with retribution lead to a significant proportion of cases of violence, which is an important problem for policy-making bodies to deal with.

A bully should be well informed that his behavior was inappropriate, and together, ways can be explored to improve productivity. If the effort to compromise fails, the wrongdoing will be reported promptly to the authority concerned. Official harassment and discrimination policies should be included in the employee manual of the company, because often employees do not know that they discriminate or harass others in the workplace unintentionally. Managers should handle any unacceptable behaviors. A person's personal views about religion, race or gender often contribute to some form of prejudice that shouldn't be promoted. Modeling a healthy work culture is important, and if workers expect any kind of flexibility, the same kind of balance among members of the office team should be preserved, without being impartial. An equal emphasis and time should be provided to each employee, without considering their position, location or personal bond.

Risk factors-

  • Fear
  • Misunderstanding
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Low self-esteem


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Only a sign of racist conduct should not be overlooked, because it can cause significant damage to the organization due to serious issues such as disputes with the workers or low morale. Each employee should be given some gain or advantage, instead of being skewed against a few due to emotional motives. Employees should know what's appropriate to say and what's not. When an employee raises some questions about any kind of harassment against them, the problem will be resolved in a short time. An honest conversation with the individual should be the first step for informed collection of facts.

When documenting an act of abuse or prejudice, detailed information about the incident should be shared in a documentation. For certain cases administrators attempt to solve the problem internally in the absence of exact data. Make sure mangers know that you took the matter seriously, and suggest a serious disciplinary action. Many businesses are working these days to create an inclusive environment for employees to tackle uncomfortable situations that gives them a competitive advantage. There is a high risk of attrition in a work environment which lacks diversity and has a single mindset.

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