Performance Counseling

A performance assessment lets an individual better appraise their abilities, shortcomings, goals and know themselves. A timely and sufficient therapy helps a patient achieve the required goals and address related concerns. Performance is the measure of an organization's effectiveness, unacceptable behavior, non-compliance with an employee's standard policies and procedures negatively impacts coworkers' efficiency and attitude.

Bad performance may be due to the fact that the average human being is lazy, self-centered, has little motivation for putting essential efforts and likes to be guided by others, so lack of direction and assessment may adversely affect the performance of an individual.

While dealing with a person exhibiting poor workplace performance, it is necessary to collect required materials and evidence that have all essential facts at hand. The problem of core output should be definable. With no scope for misinterpretation, the message should be simple. An underperforming employee should be promptly dealt with, so they won't think their conduct is appropriate. Conversation should not be personal or just a conflict, but result orientedto achieve the desired solution. Giving harsh and difficult feedback is not an easy job for administrators, in this situation it might be important to clarify particular events so that workers don't become defensive.

For their development, performance goals should be established and for any new skills they are able to learn progress should be tracked to ensure that they are doing it properly. Its progress should be valued and rewarded. Make sure people feel cared for when they're unwell, or in trouble.

Issues related to performance concerns for which corrective action may be necessary include:

  • Interpersonal issues
  • Bullying at workplace
  • Cultural differences
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Violent behavior
  • Criminal conduct
  • Substance abuse


7 Days

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1 Sessions

Total: 45 Mins


28 Days

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4 Sessions

Total: 180 Mins


56 Days

8 Chat/ Audio

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8 Sessions

Total: 360 Mins

After getting a feedback on underperformance, people can stay calm, take notes about what has been said without being aggressive. Supervisor's approach should be oriented to a solution rather than trying to understand that there is some problem. Many aspects of the suggestions can be contested and if you don't agree with that your opinion can be shared with superiors. If your review is unexpectedly bad, you can decide to move on or stay at this job. There's no perfect employee, they learn from their mistakes, they work on them and then grow as a professional. Employees should pay attention on performance evaluation and set targets to improve the areas in which you are expected to work. Asking for one or two days to work on the action plan to fix issues demonstrates that you are able to focus on negative feedback factors and have heard suggestions without being defensive.

Thinking outside the box, being imaginative, enthusiastic and creative when dealing with complex issues can make you knowledge-based leader, take initiative and be able to work independently. Your trust will make you stand out at work and even support others if they are in need, which will improve your promotions' chances. Building on your soft skills, communication, and time management will help you succeed in getting a positive workplace performance review.

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