Career Anxiety

Career is a life-long process and should be planned wisely. Others may pressurize or encourage you to choose a specific career but it is important to listen to yourself. Exploring interests, desired lifestyle, values, abilities, interests, and personality traits helps in making smart decisions.

A dizzying array of occupations are present in a multitude of work settings to support various causes. Knowing yourself and having an idea of your preferences regarding location, field, type of work and other relevant factors that make you feel less overwhelmed are essential for self-exploration and keeps you focused on your desired career path while shuffling job posts. Speak to people about potential career options when having a sense about your dream and in the process of self-reflecting around that.

A person's self-esteem can potentially be damaged by anxieties related to the career. It is important to have reasonable short-term and achievable goals that will push you when attempting to achieve career-related ambitions. Smaller, individual moves are going to lead you to the long-term career you want. Manageable parts will help you hit any stage that surrounds the big picture, helping you fight your fear and analyzing your acts to calm your mind. In order to pursue your passion think broadly about your strengths, unrealistic expectations may soon discourage you. The failures in life are completely natural, and should not be taken personally. Stay optimistic about the lessons and experiences you get while struggling because your performance will improve next time. Take critical input from your peers and seniors in key areas you want your strengths to grow. Discuss the questions in the head rather than raising problems relevant to it. Working towards your short-term goals may sometimes make you feel overwhelmed, having a support network to discuss your feelings allows you to speak your mind and take off your shoulders of the unnecessary burden, which can be your friends, family, counselors, colleagues or online forum. Think about introducing yourself and branding when exploring job opportunities or preparing for an interview.

Reasons for career anxiety-

  • Pressure of family to choose a particular major due to good job opportunities.
  • Desire to please others
  • Fear of making wrong choice
  • Fear of unknown or failure in life


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Being afraid of changes is perfectly normal, and should not be turned into fears in the mind for days or even months. Have realistic plan A and alternative plan B to deal with an uncomfortable situation. When you feel that something is getting unpredictable or stressful, having a schedule and sticking to it as much as possible will keep your concentrated and become mindful of what's under control. Anything that goes through your mind should be explained in a concise and precise way, while you're nervous about a situation and trying to strategize about your career's bigger picture. When attempting to achieve short-term goals, reread those information to keep you focused on your wide vision and recognize triggers that cause your anxiety. This is more helpful to treat them rather than control fear, and to learn how to regulate them. We all go through multiple emotional states and they can't be handled linearly, but the resilience can be strengthened in a constructive way to embrace the related challenges. Patience is important when one goes through life ups and downs.

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