Radical self-acceptance

A global affirmation of self, helps a person recognize his limitations, accept his positive or negative attitude, protect from negative criticism. It affects physical and psychological health of an individual. Accepting feelings, belief, thoughts and behavior enables a person go through in life with less concern.

We all have aspiration and prefer to embrace several difficulties while achieving them in life, some of the difficulties are viewed as problems because we are sure that no matter how hard we try, this will not happen at all. Viewing any of the problem you face as an opportunity to learn and grow and not like a concern is the best way to deal with it, fighting a war that you cannot win is not a good idea. Instead of feeling depressed irritated at being incapable of coping with it, stay thankful for being able to pay the bills and carry on a career. If coping with a complicated emotional condition is difficult it can be frustrating to go through it. To detach yourself from emotions, and thoughts harming you sometimes, first embrace yourself in all ways. Self-forgiveness is more difficult as compared to being able to forgive others. It’s is tough but one should learn to move on from regrets in past by accepting that you were the best version of yourself at that particular time and taking ownership of your mistakes and appreciate those missteps which are acting as stepping stones in your life journey. Having failures and making mistakes is part of being human which enables us to grow.

Changing your view of it and embracing fact rather than being frustrated over and over again helps alleviate tension. While you are inevitably going to feel hurt when trying desperately to fix a dilemma, acknowledging it will help you recover and make you feel better. Yet in certain cases, self-acceptance is a mistake to do, giving it as an excuse and choosing not to adjust to progress more in profession, or persona life means avoiding coping with reality rather than self-acceptation. Someone should be able to produce results, so if there is a real so simple solution to a problem, it should be chosen rather than embracing poor and early outcomes.


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Many of us have an internal narrative of how our life should be, even though knowing that we were unable to attain specific goals to fulfill them there, we are packed with deceit. Letting go of the intense passion for life and talking about what your current condition is to better understand how you got there, and having an honest dialog with yourself about people's position in helping you get there will help you evaluate your strengths, shortcomings and support network. You would then feel confident about making the required adjustments to decide what can be done differently to improve results. Deciding not to deal with a situation won't make reality any better, it's essential to live a life of dreams, adjustments and efforts. Evite endless shuffling of social media channels as it causes you to compare your life with others, people only project a positive image of their lives and we are clueless about what they're going through behind the scenes.

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