Relationship enhancement

Cultivating peaceful relationships with partner, family, friends and neighbors around makes easy to live in harmony. Quality of our relationship with others correlates with success and satisfaction in life. Incompetence while dealing with wide variety of personalities and bad relationship makes a person feel guilty or hopeless. Feeling that we have not been heard for a long time actually prevents us from listening, and can easily spin into ill-tempering and recrimination. A successful counselor's intervention will sympathize with both sides, and helps them to express their emotions without being partial.

Cultivating healthy relationships with those around us seems a little difficult, we deal with a wide variety of personalities every day. People also regret not being able to give their loved ones enough time and attention, which is a proof that relationships often matter the most in our lives. The process of defensiveness and criticism is common when something is viewed as criticism or assault, and is a negative pattern. When we continue to defend our position, we lose an opportunity to better consider the other person and his thoughts and feelings, and make the conversation much more explosive. Slowing down the interaction in a conversation that moves too fast means that everyone else needs to consider their point of view, diffuses the impulsive reactivity and helps you to respond in a rational way. When you appear interested and concerned about other people's opinions when accusing or questioning you, this helps to re-escalate the growing tension among you. Being empathetic helps a person to suspend his or her viewpoint for a while and put others in their shoes and consider their point of view and acknowledge any small aspect of how they see things that open up the possibility of a better relationship.

There are fundamental needs and expectations behind a person's suffering which have remained unmet. By tapping a person's hidden emotions to make them feel relieved, it can bypass anger and resentment that persists on the surface. Avoiding conflicts ends up having more of it, which over a period of time festers and expands and eventually explodes. Establishing a contact to ensure daily check-in to resolve current and ongoing problems makes a person comfortable when coping with disputes and disagreements. When conversing with others, silence is not desired, and people sometimes try to fill the void by stuttering words that don't even make sense.


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In fact, silence allows to go even deeper into a conversation. Through gathering their thoughts, it provides opportunities to pick up more information and get over blockages. We are all different and perceive world in many ways, we expect people to think the same way we do while attempting to maintain relationship with them. The novelty of sameness will make life boring, recognizing the differences and respecting them makes it easier to establish a connection. Adjusting our vibrations to others frequency makes them feel less uncomfortable in a relationship. Instead of focusing on your partner's dislikes, focus on what you like and what's going well between you to enhance your relationship.

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