Parenting skills

Parents are responsible to help their children develop life skills (social, behavior and daily living skills).Beliefs, behaviors, and views are adopted in children from their parents. Raising children can be overwhelming at times as every child has different personality and parents are unsure about what is best for them and biases of a parent may often be learned by a child.

Due to the pressure on routine tasks, parents especially mothers find it difficult to go to bed at all, and find some time for a partner while raising children. Children look to parents for their life's concerns, and ethical issues. Kids are also affected by behavior, attitudes and even parental prejudices. Parents should spend quality time with children strengthening their bond and building happy memories that last a lifetime. Children look for their psychological needs to their parents and in the future develop healthy relationships. Children's playtime has dramatically declined over the past few decades. Using technology can harm kids, restricting the use of electronic gadgets can help to increase their playtime.

As a parent one can give in return without expecting anything, and that is what children believe their parents are there to help them, no matter what the situation might be. But some of the words and behaviors can undermine this feeling, and they assume that in a given situation there is a risk of losing their parents as if they misbehave with others. Never use those words to make kids feel the connection between you can be broken, it cuts them to the core just like one partner's threat of divorce affects another. Shouting and yelling makes a child feel insecure and compels them to mingle with children who are verbally and physically violent. Due to the hormonal changes they experience, it can be difficult to communicate with adolescents, they can be less interested in parents' views and thoughts but don't get disheartened by this. Children end up acting in an unapproved manner at a certain stage in life. Make them aware you unconditionally love them no matter what. Let's not mix passion and acceptance.


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Kids shouldn't be blamed for making a mistake, because it's just the action that doesn't define them as an individual, it shouldn't hurt their self-esteem for that, and the criticism should be limited to the particular error, but nothing else. Kids cannot be best at all, and should not be put under strain. Every commitment indicates their determination to do something and should be respected regardless of the outcome. The ability to control your emotions is an essential part of life, which improves your parenting skills.

When approving or refusing any children's request, be fair and don't forget to explain the justification for the same thing so that they can put themselves in your shoes to understand the intention. Secure your kids from any small danger as children are fragile in years of development and offer your kid free space to allow them to develop healthily. Parents are the biggest influencers in children life and should be equipped with all essential skills to deal range of prospective situations.

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